Our Toxic World

Every Year more than 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are expelled through various means into the environment. 4 billion pounds! That is nearly a half pound of harmful or deadly toxins per person, every year! Ever tried eating a half pound of toxins? If taken at once, they would probably kill you. Thankfully we get them over time in minute amounts. Many of these toxic chemicals, however, can build up in your body and are still detrimental to your overall health. Being exposed to even small amounts of these substances has been clinically linked to a variety of negative and unhealthy side effects. Normally, our organs, like the kidneys and liver, are able to detox our system. They then rid our body of polluting chemicals and mild toxins.

We do not however live in a “normal” environment, with “normal” pollutants the body was designed to filter out. The scale and volume of poisonous substances which you are exposed to can just be too much for your body to deal with. When this happens, and it is happening every day to all of us, these toxins accumulate and are stored in your various tissues. This results in your body having mild, and often severe reactions. You must be on the warpath against these toxins with concentrated nutrient-rich foods and even supplements. You need to give your body the tools it needs to stand a chance against the onslaught of these poisons. If not, the battle is really a losing one.

Food For Thought Detox

There are great foods to help with a detox program, and that is certainly a good place to start. Foods like fresh, whole vegetables and fruits are naturally designed to accentuate our bodies system. You really can’t go wrong with any of those. Be sure however they are FRESH and WHOLE. What you do want is a variety of types and colors of fruits and vegetables. Yes literally colors. Natural food, due to it’s chemical properties can distinguished by it’s color as to what body system it is best utilized by.  Check our other post by clicking this link for more on this.

These vegetables and fruits are chemically and nutritionally balanced. They are best consumed whole. This is because their physical characteristics and internal structure make the absorption rate of nutrients optimal when passing through the body’s digestive system. The fibers and structure facilitate a slow balanced rate of nutrient and sugar processing so the body can keep up with distribution of those nutrients. Not to mention feeding the micro-flora in your digestive system, which are a key component to overall health and wellness. Be careful with juicing diets. Excessive juice can start a whole new set of problems with sugars, as is detailed in our other post on juicing you can read here.

Eating right is a great way to try to detox and prevent or at least diminish the level of toxic exposure. Targeting the key components of your system with specialized nutritional formulations can help to balance your system quicker. That way any toxins that are currently stored, can be more rapidly removed.*

The Phases of Metabolic Detoxification

Foreign substances that are water-soluble, are neutralized by Phase I enzymes. They are then easily filtered out and removed through the stool, sweat, or urine. However, Fat-soluble compounds, must first be changed within the system to become water-soluble before they can be expelled. This metabolic detoxification systemic process is based upon these 3 major phases below:*

• Phase I (Functionalization). Different enzymes, such as Cytochrome P450, break down in the liver potentially harmful foreign substances, which produces molecules that are extremely reactive. Thes reactive molecules need to be immediately processed by Phase II conjugation enzymes. However during this process free radicals are created, which can negatively impact cell health

• Phase II (Conjugation). Large molecules are functionally combined with these newly modified substances, producing more water-soluble substances which are less damaging to your system.

• Phase III (Elimination). Specialized protein transporters export the combined substances out of the cell to prepare them for elimination from the body. Finally these toxic reformulated compounds, are eliminated primarily through your urine, feces, and sweat.

That’s the short version. Obviously more is involved, but it shows you why we need our organs to be in top form. They are the machinery responsible for these complex actions.

Metabolic Detoxification Products?

There are many programs available to combat toxins. Many good programs exist, and we cannot evaluate them all. One has to choose what is right for them, and we are happy to provide any information you need to help. We are constantly looking for ways to provide information and products to assist you in your journey to health. Check back with us or register for updates and product releases.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.