What you are Made of Can Affect your Heart.

Heart disease is not something immediately associated with excessive sugar.

Remember the little rhyme from childhood?

What are little boys made of?
Frogs and snails
And puppy-dogs’ tails
That’s what little boys are made of

What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice
And everything nice [or “all things nice”]
That’s what little girls are made of

Sugar, the real culprit in heart disease and diabetes

No so Innocent…

The Bitter Truth of Sugar and the Heart

We may want to re-evaluate what we consider “nice” and if being “sweet” is really such a good thing.  Is it possible sweetness is actually dangerous to us?  Yes it is.  For example, sugar in its many forms has been linked to heart disease, and diabetes, two of the biggest killers in our world. Has the food industry, and even the scientific community been forthcoming with this science? No, sadly they have not.

In 2016 The New York Times as well as NPR and many other news agencies became aware of a report from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that showed the sugar lobby literally paid off scientists, quietly, more than 50 years ago to shift the blame for heart disease from sugar to fat. As a result, fat became the villain, and sugar was just a tasty treat. Scientists were literally paid off to lie! Why? As always, in business its profits that are truly sweet.

It would sound crazy if it were not well documented and true. Sugar is far more devastating to the circulatory system, the heart, and the whole body, than good healthy fats when included in a healthy diet. More on what fats are good in my other post. Mainstream media did not seriously publicize this. Certainly not as much as this kind of monumental health industry fraud should have been.

The Guilty Party for Heart Disease Walks.

Sugar was indemnified of guilt and praised as a “good” natural part of the diet. Due to this falsehood, sugar was then put, and still is put in EVERYTHING. You expect pretty much all soft drinks. donuts, candy, cookies, and sweet snacks,  those are the obvious ones. But chips, dips, breads, and anything with highly processed flour. Even foods you wouldn’t think have sugar do! Spaghetti sauce, canned foods of all kinds, bread, even sandwich meat. Even foods that are “low-fat” often use sweeteners including sugar to add flavor to the food they have rendered tasteless by removing the fat.

As a result of this, your hunger actually INCREASES on a low-fat diet making you actually eat more sugar which the body then stores as fat. Thats right, excess sugar becomes excess fat in your body. Fat is already fat, and your body processes this into energy, or other components, its sugar that becomes fat when your body processes it and there is more than it can use.

Refined carbohydrates have already been broken down before entering the body when they are heavily processed. Therefore, the body has to do less work to process foods internally. As a result of this foods are sped through digestion without the normal delays that allow the body the proper time. Insulin levels then spike just like eating straight sugar with so much less work, because carbs quickly turn to sugars. Your body learns to resist the effects of this insulin spiking, which causes metabolic syndrome. As a direct result, over time this leads to more serious conditions, like diabetes.

Type 2 Problems Arise

The surge in Type 2 diabetes in the western world is largely due to this cavalier attitude toward sugar consumption. Lies are told to the public about its healthful and safe nature, which helps mask its true effects. It has become one of the most important health crises particularly in the western world. As mentioned type 2 diabetes and heart disease are two of the leading killers of people in the western world.

So to stimulate better health, and create a program of healthy eating, removing excess and unnecessary sugar and heavily processed foods is huge.

Back to our original rhyme…The female population should be outraged over this terribly derogatory representation. Sugar…. Nice? No. Not nice at all.

Maybe calling someone sweet is no longer a compliment.

James B Marfleet, CNC, LE